This is my "now page". You should have one!

Updated Saturday November 18th, from home in Fukuoka, Japan

Work Stuff

"Real" Job

Currently working in Ruby on Rails with a US-based company that creates an online tool to let people build websites and sales funnels. It's a much larger and complex team than I usually work with, but everyone is super-smart, focused and productive so I'm learning a bunch about working as part of this style of team.


Continuing to work on AgendaScope with MattLucy. It's in equal parts exciting, frustrating, painful and wonderful. I truly believe that the product can make a huge difference to so many companies and teams, but the challenge, as ever, is getting across the benefits and how it can help teams. It's built using Elixir & Phoenix, so it's a good chance to stretch my skills in that area too.


I continue to work on VegasNearMe between everything else. I think they have a fantastic product and I love the team.

Secret Project

What started out as a little one-evening hack a month or so ago became something that I have found myself using every single day. So I'm fleshing it out a little (not too much though) and plan to release in early December. I have no big plans for this, but I hope some like-minded folks will find it as useful as I do.

Everything Else

I'm relieved that the (feels like) endless Japanese summer is over. I'm not a fan of the summer. Autumn is bliss.

Puppy continues to amuse, entertain and drive me slightly crazy ?

I've been slacking in exercising, journaling and generally prioritising looking after myself. Fixing that.