tl;dr - I accidentally made a web app for making profile pages/digital biz cards -

long version: last year when I was playing with Phoenix LiveView to assess if I should use for an application, I quickly had to make some irl business cards because of an upcoming event... (you may have heard about the importance of business cards when doing business in Japan - it's all true!)

I wanted to put a link on my business card that linked to more info about me rather than clutter the card with too much info.

So, like the ridiculous person that I am, rather than throwing up some static html, I decided to quickly make a small app to make and edit the page and give me a link & QR code (seriously, wth, Alan?)

I used "it's good Phoenix LiveView exercise" as an excuse ?

So made a little app, stuck the QR code it generated on my business card and went back to working on my main project,

However, since then, I've had a surprising number of people comment that they liked my page and ask if they could make a card like it.

I felt like the app was way too simple to launch as "a thing", and mostly dismissed it. But those people have brought it up quite a few times since then and I'm like ? wait, is this an audience?

So, I spent a coupe of evenings tidying it up and put it up at

You can use it to make free cards like mine ( in seconds.

You initially get an address like but you can optionally set a short, easy-to-remember alias like mine.

You can also use a short URL at (I've been saying it as 'speed to') e.g. The app uses this domain to generate the QR codes as they provide a smaller QR code, which is useful if you're putting it on a business cards. 

You can put as little or as much info onto your card as you want. You can add links to your projects, blogs or company page. There is a section to enter your usernames for the main social networks so that they show up as icons with links to your profiles.

The page is great for putting in your social media profile, as you can easily link to all your other personal places on the internet. The QR code is great to put onto things like business cards or product flyers.

I'm in the process of adding an analytics view so that you can see when your card has been viewed, along with some themes so you can brighten your card up.

I'd love for folks to have a play with it and let me know if it's useful, or if you have any requests or suggestions. There is very likely some "quirks" in there, but I figured it'd be fun to launch a tiny side project as a change from working on The Big Thing.

I would love to hear from you! ☺️  You can find me details on my card, naturally!

The onboarding process and help pages are currently, well..., non-existent, so if you have any questions, just shout and I'll help you out! ? 

??  ??